Finance NextGen


Finance NextGen is a selective four year programme to recruit young talented finance professionals to prepare the future of the finance function in Airbus Defence & Space.


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After your first two years in the programme , you will continue to develop your work experience by taking over a role in a different function in Finance (e.g. Project Control, Budgetary Control, Treasury, M&A) and country of Airbus Defence & Space in order to further develop your finance technical skills, your communication skills and your knowledge about Airbus. 



  • Hands-on work experience: from day one, you will be working within your department where your line manager will help you with your development journey.
  • Discover your potential and placement opportunity: by assigning you to the finance training programme and by guiding you through the various placement opportunities that exist within the company, your manager and colleagues of the team will help you to grow and release your full potential.
  • Mentoring & coaching: you will be mentored by a finance manager during your journey to offer you guidance and support during your career progression.
  • International experience and networking: In addition to your role you will be asked to work on a transnational finance of the future project in order to enlarge your network and to contribute to shape the future of finance at Airbus.




International Graduate Programme


Do you have a passion for our business and a global mindset?  Are you curious and eager to learn and to share experience with those around you at all levels?  Are you ready to move around the world as your career develops and feel you could be a future leader of our business? If so, the Airbus International Graduate Programme (IGP) could be the perfect starting point for you.

IGP is a two-year programme that provides work experience in different divisions (Commercial Aircraft, Defence & Space and Helicopters) and countries where Airbus is based.

This programme will foster your global understanding: providing several development modules to build your self-awareness, communication skills and knowledge of key drivers of change in our business such as digitalisation, innovation and inclusion. You will receive and give continuous feedback throughout the programme.

Apprentice in the UK

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  • 1 YEAR: first job assignment in home function, division and country.
  • 8 MONTHS: second job assignment in a different business area.
  • 8 MONTHS: third job assignment in a different business area.
  • FINAL: return to home function and country at end of the programme.


Tasks & Accountabilities:

AIRBUS IGP includes positions in different departments. By applying to join the IGP you are first applying to the programme as a whole. You will be asked to give us your preferences alongside the video interview stage of the selection process.

During the 2 years of the programme you will be placed depending on the business needs, based on your profile. Your first job assignment will last for one year and the two following assignments will last about 8 months each, which will provide you with a great overview of Airbus. You will be given roles with real accountability in challenging job assignments and you will get to know what it is like to work on the ‘shop floor’.  All the positions are challenging and with real accountability, this will allow you to acquire a deep understanding of the business, gain exposure to people at all levels including senior management and build a network of contacts across the group.

You will experience new ways of learning through our Airbus Leadership University, where we create opportunities for all leaders and aspiring leaders to develop, connect and share, reflect and learn, innovate, and support a culture of collaboration and autonomy within the group and in our extended enterprise.

You will be assigned a personal mentor, who is at a senior level within the company and will be on hand to give you regular guidance, feedback and support for your job assignments.


Required Skills:

We’re looking for +5 degree graduates or applicants with an initial professional work experience between 1 year and maximum 3 years with a strong academic background in the following disciplines:

  • Engineering: Mechanical, Aerospace, Structural, Electrical, Electronic, Software, Systems, Control, Power and Thermal Engineering or related categories;
  • Manufacturing: Manufacturing Engineering, Production Engineering, Industrial Engineering and/or related subjects;
  • Computer Science / IT
  • Business related subjects such as finance, law, HR, etc.


The ideal candidate has studied and/or worked for a minimum of 5 years in a country outside of Europe. Fluency in English is essential while fluency in one additional language is an advantage.

Flexibility to move throughout the duration of the 2 year programme is a must. If you are to go abroad for your rotation, you will be individually supported with mobility conditions to support you during your assignment. 


How to Apply

Follow us on our social media channels to know when the application process begins.




Graduates team business model exercise
University Programme in Poland
For Technical University Students

This specific students programme usually takes place during the summer break and last from one up to three months, depending on the study program and education requirements. This activity is dedicated to all those who completed the second year of studies from top technical universities in Poland, such as the Warsaw University of Technology. 

We start to accept applications every year in spring time. Many of our current employees started when they were graduates and we look forward to meeting the next generations of colleagues!




Special Technical Master Spain


If you are a graduate in Engineering, have an excellent academic background, high level of English, passion for aviation and are interested in Airbus, you could be the right candidate for one of our Special Technical Master's programmes.

These programmes include 1 year of study in a special Master's degree at a participating university and a 1-year Airbus internship in an area related to your degree. 


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Airbus student

Good to Know

Airbus experts helped design the Master's programmes and they teach some of the courses. You can choose from the following Master's programmes:

  • MASI - Master in Aircraft System Integration 

It takes place in the University Carlos III in Madrid. It gives the student knowledge about Fundamentals, Generalization and Experimentation of Aircraft’s Systems, for 90 ECTS credits. For this Master, Airbus is looking for Master students in Aeronautic/Aerospatiale, Industrial, Telecommunication, and Computer Engineering. The selection process takes place between October and January, to start in February, so if you are interested, prepare your CV! We are waiting for you. Click here to visit  the University portal of the Master.

  • Master in Airframe Technology

It takes place in the University Carlos III in Madrid. It gives students knowledge about Advanced Design and Calculation of Aircraft Structures, for 60 ECTS credits. For this Master, Airbus is looking for Master Students in Aeronautic/Aerospatiale, Industrial, and Civil Engineering. The selection process takes place between September and December, to start in January, so if you are interested, prepare your CV and join us! Click here to visit  the University portal of the Master.

  • Master in Composites 

It takes place in the University Politécnica in Madrid. It gives student knowledge about Design, Manufacture and Certification of the Composite Structures, for 90 ECTS credits. For this Master, Airbus is looking for Master Students in Aeronautic/Aerospatiale, Industrial, Industrial Organization, and Telecommunication Engineering. The selection process takes place between May and September. The Master starts in October and the internship in January. So if you are interested, prepare your CV and get on board!  Click here to visit  the University portal of the Master.

  • Master in Global Supply Chain & Aeronautical Industrial Operations

It takes place in the University Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieria in Sevilla. It gives student knowledge about Materials, Manufacturing, Engineering Operations, Aerostructure Assembly, Production, Quality and Supply Chain Management, for 80 ECTS credits. For this Master, Airbus is looking for Master Students in Aeronautic/Aerospatiale, Industrial, Telecommunication, Naval, Roads, Canals, Ports, Civil Engineering. The selection process takes place between July and October, to start in November, so if you are interested, prepare your CV and fly with us!  Click here to visit  the University portal of the Master.




UK Graduate Programme


Now open! Applications will close on 1st November.


Open positions


Good to Know

If you share our passion for what Airbus does, and show a drive for excellence, then this is your chance to be part of the next chapter of our unique and exciting story.

We want graduates with commitment and enthusiasm who want to be part of a high-tech, innovative and global organisation. With Airbus, you will be taking the first steps towards an exciting career.

Our two-year graduate programme will prepare you with the skills you need to progress and develop your talents, as well as enabling you to play a pivotal role in current and future projects within our business. During the programme, you will build a comprehensive understanding of what we do and how we do it.

Airbus has locations across the UK, and you will be based at one of our many sites.


Training and development:

Airbus graduates have a fantastic chance to learn invaluable skills whilst developing personal and technical abilities. Team working is fundamental, and you will have the opportunity to work in teams from around the world, in a way that is like being part of one large family.

The focused training and structured placements ensure you are fully equipped for your career at Airbus. Our programme includes core technical and behavioral training elements that will form an integral part of your learning and help you become familiar with the company and its culture.

Graduate placements allow you to be involved in one of our graduate projects. You will also have considerable support during the scheme to ensure that your overall learning experience will complement your future career.



Graduates benefits in UK

Areas of opportunity:

The world is changing fast and so are the skills we need.  Besides engineering competencies, we also look for graduates to help us to develop our cyber, digital and robotic capabilities, amongst numerous others. 

Fluency in written and spoken English is essential, and disciplines of interest include but are not limited to:

Infographic areas of interests




VIE Programme


Are you under 28 years old and wish to gain valuable international work experience? The Volunteer for International Experience (VIE) scheme, which is run by Business France, the French Trade Commission, allows young Europeans to work abroad for up to two years. The Airbus Volunteer for International Experience (VIE) programme is a great start to your career because it enables you to gain valuable, paid work experience internationally in a technical or business function.

Assignments are located worldwide and typically last between one and two years. They are within one of our technical or business functions including engineering, manufacturing or support functions such as finance, marketing and HR.


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Good to Know

VIE eligibility criteria:

To be able to take part in the Volunteer for international experience scheme you must:

  • be between 18 and 28 years old at the date of registration,
  • be a national of one of the member countries of the European Economic Area (EEA),
  • be a student, a graduate or a job seeker,
  • have completed the national service obligations in your home country (if any),
  • have a clean police record.
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